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 It's almost 2 years when I enjoyed watching Indian Films, 
 we, Bolly(even other territory's) film fan in non releasing country, always have been dreaming that we can watch Bollywood film in theatre during any season(not film festival season).

 However infrastructure is very low. Although Sanjay Leela Bansali's "Black" got semi-hit in last year. Actually, I'd like to say, that is not triumph of Bollywood.

 Despite of this conclusion, please don't give up our dream.

 Since I've realized EXIST of "Bollywood" and even so far,
there is a formula "Bollywood" = "Shah Rukh Khan"

 And also I remember a situation that a guy promote his Bollywood film community during 2002 PiFan festival season. 

 And the time goes for 8 years.

Where is Shahrukhanist?

 I'm not sure how many Shah Rukh fan in this country, but that is proof. Every year we can watch his film and tickets almost sold out.
 I remember last year of PIFF. There are colossal audiences in open-air theater(me also).
But something was changed? No, nothing is changed.

 I think they dream a Shah Rukh's dream. and talk about Shah Rukh with Bollywood fellows, and display small picture on their blog.
 Like a sequence from "Billu", they set up is Shah Rukh in shrine of their heart. They turn back common people.
 Okay, I got that you really like him. But if you can watch his film, is that good? Then they will say "Of course, why not?"

 But what kind of endeavour did you pour for that? How many people can say I did something.

What did you do?

 Usually I use Daum-movie's information, when I need get some. But depth of Bollywood database is so low, meanwhile Naver-movie's? it's better only Shah Rukh's case, but other's not.

 So sometimes I build some informations, but it's so slow. Anyway stop. Did I say "build information"?


 That's the problem. Where is all over the Shah Rukh fan? I know you might busy to work, to watch and re-watch Shah Rukh's film, even his concert, to check his new celebrity photo. You guys only want ro play "have made" on contents ground. Buliding contents is burdensome and tiresome, so you pushed aside that or even don't have idea of that.


 Have you even given rate for his film on those database?

Chance is disappearing.

  I think exposure is part of good marketing, so from time to time some people made like noise marketing for expose someone or something to public for promotion. But I don't mean use those noise. Just learn how to introduce Shah Rukh. One is content, another one is "forming visible fandom".

 This February his new flick "My Name Is Khan" will be release EXCEPT KOREA, Fox company might not care about that movie. Why? Answer is so clear. What kind of benefits can they get?

 First of all, Shahrukhanists really want to watch his film, they should've start to bully Fox Korea company, and made strategies for commercial profic plan together. But they might not do that. They just wating for uploading new Divx reel or even set their back pack to go on a trip India or other releasing country. And they boast "Wow, Shah Rukh is awesome, maybe I'm the 1st one who've seen 'MNIK' dude!"
 What a ridiculous!

 There is good proverb "No Pain No Gain". But now-a-days so many people think "If you don't gain hard, doesn't happen to get pain." moreover there are this kind of people, what they say, "Don't try attempt, we will fail anyhow."

 Yes I got that. They don't even have ideas to do anything. ANYTHING!

 So it will happen nothing by culmination. Tragedy.

 And also I don't need to do for Shahrukhanists. As like 'Making releasing My Name Is Khan' project. Cause it will be useless.

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