English Corner2010. 2. 27. 15:29

 Today, almost I would like to spit final word, "I QUIT!"
I don't know thier intention to manage small group. Actually I pour my endeavor. Besides, I've support till I could'n bear.
But unfortunately it culminate. Blame. Blame. Blame!!!

Okay. 'private call' is that good? I don't think so.
One day, I've felt a sense of incongruity when you guys go to "Evilking's castle", and I've heard some report to other club member like 'I feel so sick those thing. Is this community for some intimate member?'

I don't even know that truth. Why?
Why did you make "Small castle, and isolate others for doing those thing.

 I thought this 'private call system' is not fair for other member.
 So I post "Gather Publicly", but am I wrong?

Now-a-days I can feel barrier and distance between some member of M group and me. 

it doesn't matter "who made."
"Why made"

So serious.


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