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 I remember 7 years ago from now on. There was a man, he promoted his Bollywood film community. I don't know whether it is effective or not, anyhow that is first Bollywood community only I know.

 And now seven years of time was gone, more communities were made. Of course that guy became the top of Bollywood in Korea, but another community had made from apart his one. Uh... course... that story is not mine.

 Actually, When we first time start to do something, the intension is good, but sometimes they have got trouble each other. The major thing is the problem between(or among) some and the others, and they makes two or (more than) three parts of rupture from it.


 So-called "community" is centered 'people' but these days, they Indian film communities would rather be called 'contents service'. It feels more natural (than community). Most people has been interesting in Indian film when they watch the film during film festival season or by piracy download or in India (travel whatever...) and they find information or contents first. if someone search for 'community first' in their mind... that is seldom case. Because the ideal thing is the consequence.

 That is not only cases of Indian film community, also most community has the truth. But some communities don't have human touch, so it doesn't happen to fight each other. Only good thing of those communities. But, though they don't provide new information, the community has the scale and superiority.
 That is strange. Sometimes I feel that's not fair!

 And then let's look at another community. I had told I liked it, for fresh information and feeling good relationship always. In the beginning of foundation, they, administrators made creaking sound each other, first time of rupture is 2009 April(I guess), An administrator quit, then some members also quit. Totally THE INFORMATION GOT LOST TWICE UNTIL NOW OH MY GOD!

 Recently, another Indian film community was made. Around 20 members gathered yet. I don't know they can make more member or not. I don't want to join them for just private reason. (but my prediction is negative, seriously)
 Now a days, I doubt. Is that good condition?
 Just doubt. Please don't judge me.

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  1. D*P HaRu

    라즈님의 의견이 반영된 내용인가요???
    흠흠....짧은 영어 실력으로는 완역은 불가능...=ㅁ=


    새로운 커뮤니티라.....전 슬쩍 들어가 보고 싶은데요~ ㅎㅎ;;;

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